About Us

We are a local classified advertising directory. We offer online and offline advertisement services.Business owners and service providers can advertise their services both on our website as listings or in our printed directory. We help local businesses promote their services in our directory which are then distributed to their desired postcodes across the United Kingdom.

Our deliveries are done by the royal mail UK. We distribute over 15000 directories in targeted postcodes across the country. Our primary goal is to connect local businesses to their potential customers and to also make it easier for local people to find services not just within their neighborhoods but also in their cities. We also help businesses which are interested in promoting their services nationwide by having their listings distributed across all our channels.

We are always willing to go the extra mile to help our customers reach their advertising goals so thus we have packages they can choose from and all these packages will enhance promotion and open doors for an in flock of customers to their various businesses and endeavors.

We have also set rules in place where all contents which convey messages of hate, fraud, illegal activities, and anti-social activities are all prohibited. We try to the best our ability to provide clean content for our readership.

With postcode ads you cannot go wrong, our targeted advertisements are second to none and to guarantee success for our customers we have partnered with Royal mail UK so that the desired goal of reaching 15000 homes and businesses are reached in every targeted postcode.

For a little cost businesses can reach 15000 homes and businesses and draw as many customers as possible. With postcode advertisement you have the opportunity to dominate your niche market in your neighborhood. Whether you are a brick layer, cleaner, plumber, electrician, mechanic, dentist, restaurant owner, taxi driver, etc.

you have the opportunity to draw customers from your local area or even from places far off. This also saves customers from the hustles of searching for services far off which they can easily find within their local areas.

Postcode advertisements creates a platform where service providers and service seekers become one where service providers and services seekers are only one step away.